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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the best in enterprise resource management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM).


The new offering is dedicated to capturing endless opportunities in all functional business areas such as sales, field service, customer service, project service automation, marketing, finance and operations.

Microsoft Business Central DevOps

Dynamics365 Business Central Development Ext.

C/AL, AL, VisualCode, Javascript, C#, Html, CSS, Azure, MSSQL

Microsoft CRM


Dynamics365 CRM development Plugins

C#, MSSQL, Javascript, Html, CSS, VisualStudio, Azure, MSSQL

Microsoft OnDemand


Custom web & mobile Apps

Javascript, C#, Html, CSS, Azure, MSSQL, Xamarin, Power Bi

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Microsoft Dynamics 365_Customer Service.png
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Our Microsoft skills center brings together development engineers, certified on Microsoft technologies and applies the principles of agile methodology to reduce project delivery times. Our skills center is also a support center to stay as close as possible to the users of all our customers.

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