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Who are we ?

Magnisfy is an international startup that supports its customers in the evolution of solutions  Microsoft market leader:

- building and public works

- steering business portfolio

- enterprise management

You were  precursor  in your choice, we will support you with the best of Microsoft technologies to remain the leader in your market.

* Magnify your Information System, thanks to Microsoft technologies

The big dates


The first versions of NAVISION are deployed in construction, service and industrial companies.


In 2003, our solutions increasingly adapted and standardized to the Building and Public Works trades, taking into account business issues such as promotions, subcontracting, direct payments, etc.

The world of construction is changing, Microsoft Dynamics 365 support you


In 2021, to propel digital transformation, Magnisfy initiates a new digital vision for its solutions, centered on its activity as a publisher for the Building and Public Works trades and centered on Microsoft technologies, with which it is strengthening its strategy and its partnership  

Magnisfy supports you in an increasingly digital future by placing people at the heart of its strategy.

Our slogan

You are Magnisfy, never forget it!

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