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ouvriers du bâtiment


Choosing Microsoft Dynamics 365 is decisive for your company, our service platform allows you to manage and monitor all the information & data essential to your activity on a daily basis and to stay as close as possible to the digitalization of companies.


An ERP fully dedicated to the Construction and Public Works industry


Ultimate solution for steering your business and services portfolio

Marketing and Sales


Purchasing / Inventory



Invoicing & billing

Work in progress


Marketing and Sales

Customer relations functions are integrated: management of contacts, tasks, opportunities, etc.


Integration with Outlook allows for better sharing of information.


Integration with Word optimizes the monitoring of administrative documents.


Monitoring of the portfolio of offers in progress improves the rate of business won. ​


You thus improve the relationship between all the external interlocutors on your business​​ .

Marketing et ventes

You have a costing tool that allows you to develop your price studies based on a library of multi-level works (items, equipment, labor, subcontracting, etc.) enriches from input or by importing external libraries.

The price study may take into account the chapters, options, rate. The quantities can be defined by formulas (metered).

Data entry is limited by importing your studies from Excel or XML files. Our solutions are connected to the tender dematerialization portal: SPIGAO, which allows you to view and import tenders directly into the costing tool.

You analyze your selling prices in real time and you control margins and overheads. 

Purchasing / Inventory

Automatic calculation module for your supply needs.


Creation of a price request form from which supplier calls for tenders or purchase orders are triggered. You then only have to check and validate the order using the Workflow module.

Many functions are available for stock management: stock tracking by store and location in real time, automatic supply of recurring products, inventory management, stock valuation.

Achats / Stocks

In particular, you can:

• Issue purchase orders, contracts, or associated documents (DC4)

• Follow the progress of the work 

• Check invoices

• Manage VAT reverse charge

• Take direct payment into account


The workforce management module makes it possible to identify all the elements necessary for your payroll software and to break down a lot of additional information (skills, contracts).

In the same way for temporary workers, you can manage the missions by checking the corresponding invoices.

Automatically calculate allowances such as baskets, transport, trips or bonuses and define the rules for calculating overtime. An interfaced mobile application allows you to gain in efficiency thanks to decentralized input from any medium (PC, tablet, smartphone), associated with an approval circuit.  

The labor module can interface with all payroll software on the market.

Main d'oeuvre
Invoicing & statement

• Situation invoices are created taking into account previous situations, endorsements or any additional work.


• The issue of the lump sum advance invoice and its reduction in work situations will be taken into account.


• A schedule by date or by progress status makes it possible to establish a proposal.


• The price review or update clauses will allow this to be taken into account in work situations.


• Holdbacks, pro rata and others will be taken into account.


• Guarantees issued to banking establishments can be monitored as well as their lifting


• For recurring services, a contract monitoring module allows periodic issuance of the corresponding invoices.

Facturation & décompte
Work in progress

Our solutions make it possible to analyze the details of expenses by project and by nature and to compare progress to date with the budget.

You will thus be able to value the amount of invoices to be issued, deferred income or work in progress, in accordance with international standards (IAS11).


The valuation of uninvoiced receipts will make it possible to post the corresponding provision entries.

Updating the budget (still to be done) will allow you to adjust the projected result (landing) and to provision for any losses at completion.

Travaux en cours

In addition to the functions of traditional accounting, the accounting module covers the particularities of your business such as:

•VAT on receipts and reverse charge

• direct payment

• holdbacks


Our accounting module is particularly suited to an international context (exchange rates, etc.) and includes the management of fixed assets.

The management of multiple analytical axes (sites, activity, etc.) and distribution keys will make it possible to refine management control. 

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